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Window Cleaning Vancouver

You can have the most beautiful home or storefront property in the neighbourhood, but if your windows look dirty and dingy, it can impact the impression of your home or business significantly. If you don’t want your property to look unkempt, you need to give those windows a good cleaning and maintain them on a regular basis. It takes more than a simple wipe with a cleaner to get streak-free, crystal clear windows. You need the right tools and the right amount of power. At H2GO, we use the most advanced heat and steam power cleaning equipment to provide thorough, speedy, and professional window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties in the Vancouver area.

Quality Matters

If your windows are caked in dirt and grime, a little water and a squeegee won’t do much good. You need a lot more power than that to eliminate all of that embedded dirt. A store-bought pressure washer might get some of the dirt off, but only the services of a professional pressure washer can completely remove an overabundance of grime and get your windows looking as new as the day they were installed. Our equipment is also designed to reach windows in your backyard and over five storeys high.

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Professional Service

Our technicians are skillfully trained to get the job done right. We take special care to remove the dirt from your windows without getting any of the grime or water inside your property. The H2GO team knows exactly what to do to get even the screens, tracks, and sills sparkling clean. Our system also comes with adjustable pressure settings and uses an eco-friendly cleaning solution to prevent damage to more delicate surfaces and materials. Whether you have five single pane bow windows or fifty triple pane, double-hung windows, our power washing services are suitable for every type of job.

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Excellent Service at a Fair Price

Quality window cleaning should never cost an arm and a leg. H2GO believes in providing the best service at a fair price. We stay up to date on the standard industry rates to ensure we are offering the best prices for the level of service to our customers. Plus, when you work with our Vancouver window cleaning team, you’ll receive excellent customer service, full transparency and a bill that reflects the price that was agreed on. You’ll never have to worry about hidden costs or unexpected fees.

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Improved Value

Looking to sell your property? Crystal clean windows and a well-maintained property is vital to making a good first impression. Our window cleaning services will restore the look of your windows and make your property stand out.

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