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Eavestrough & Gutter Cleaning in Toronto

Are your eavestroughs clogged with leaves and dirt and refusing to drain? If you’re noticing pooling water throughout your gutter system, contact our team at H2GO Home in Toronto to have them cleaned out ASAP. We’ll come directly to your home and give it the thorough service it needs to allow water to be redirected away from the roof and property to keep it safe.

Protect Your Home and Avoid Expensive Repairs

Although they’re tucked away out of sight, your eavestrough system is one of the most important features for safeguarding your roof and home from water damage. That’s why it is essential to have them professionally washed and cleaned out annually to ensure they can protect your home. This way, you can avoid dealing with any serious damage and expensive repair bills.

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Avoid Water Damage

Here in Canada, our seasonal weather can be intense, damaging and costly. From our long and harsh winter season with high wind gusts, ice and snow, to the soaring heat and humidity experienced during the summer – it’s a lot for our exterior surfaces to withstand! When leaves from the surrounding trees get swept up into the gutters and they combine with water and dirt, it forms dams within the eavestrough which blocks water and causes puddles to form on the roof and around the foundation. This can lead to mold and leaks as well as severe structural damage. As a result, regular maintenance is a crucial part of preventing minor problems from festering into major ones. By giving us a call to properly clean out all of that accumulated gunk, you can eliminate potential damage to your biggest investment.

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Don’t Take the Risk, Leave It to Us!

Although it may seem like a simple enough job to tackle on your own, getting up towards the roof can include a slew of risks if you’re unsure and don’t know how to take proper safety precautions to avoid causing serious harm to yourself. Instead of placing your life at risk, leave it to the professionals instead. With years of experience behind us, our team knows how to carefully and meticulously remove even the most stubborn dirt that’s been lingering there for years.

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Specialized Steam Pressure System

With our advanced steam pressure system and our eco-friendly cleaning solution, we can easily access the gutter system and get it cleared quickly and without relying on toxic chemicals. So rather than wasting your weekend trying to do it yourself, you can dedicate your free time to doing things you actually enjoy.

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When it’s time for an eavestrough cleaning in Toronto, give the pros a call at H2GO Home for reliable service that you can count on!